Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Baker


Killa Choc Cupcakes from Gonna Want Seconds – oh my lord they were! Not in the slightest bit clean so its good I didn’t eat much more than half a mini one


A very over-exposed half batch of pumpkin muffins from here (I also added a mix of the following spices amoungst 12 muffins for a chai flavour.

Chai Spice Mix for Baking
1 ½ tsp ground cardamom
1 ½ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground ginger
¼ tsp ground cloves
¼ tsp ground nutmeg

The spice was very subtle. I would recommend doubling, and use 1/4 of the mix to sprinkle on top, or mix into cream cheese icing.

And mini banana muffins from here, my go-to recipe for banana bread. They are about the diameter of a 50c coin – great for a mini sweet hit  after lunch. Added ch-ch-chia and walnuts on top


Saturday, April 09, 2011

Healthy + Yummy+ Portioned + Delivered?! Yes please!

I found out about the Harvest Box concept other day and being a lover of all things delicious, healthy and free/cheap (with a voucher!), I couldn’t resist signing up for a  few weeks.

The dealio: A Harvest Box is a completely bio-degreadable box filled with 4 portions of delicious and natural snackies – fruits, nuts, seeds and a few other goodies, delivered to your desk (or home) once a week or more. You don’t know what four snacks you’re getting, but you rate them so they can send you similar products, ensuring a delightful surprise and healthy variety.

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>Box 1: Very excited when I got this in the mail!

Cost: Its $6.95 a box, which is a bit steep for me, but this includes postage, and its cheaper than the four chocolate bars I’d be reaching for… I think I will ration myself to one of these a week or a fortnight, and eat fresh fruit and veg on the other days.

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>What my box contained: Big Kahuna, The K2, Blossom and Daybreak 

Health: The box I got said each pack contains about 650kj, but this is an average. Some snack packs had added sugar, but its mostly limited to ones where they are needed for caramelisation, rather than just packing your raisins with unneeded sugar, so I’m ok with that. And for the planet, its all 100% recylcable. Awesome

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>An idea of the size of the snack packs. Small enough to fit in my bento (with a 2mm trim, drat!)

Think I might use Daybreak with oatmeal. The dried fruit is a WHOLE nectarine! Looking forward to Blossom, then the K2 most from this pack. Also hoping to get Blue Parfait, Fruity call, Dino eggs, and soo many more!

Anyway, my verdict is give it a go if like me you need variety and something to look forward to at work (spending money and eating healthy foods tend to help me avoid 3.30itis and the vending machine)

PS, you can get a freebie/half off too, by using this code 10435HVO50G.

Still playing catch ups!

Not many photos this week! For a start I had a few days of non-clean eating. I let myself give in because it was easier (and tastier at the time) but I’m going to be prepared for next week!


A wicked sandwich – called “The Bone” (long story why) but its shaved turkey, garlic mushrooms and lite cheese, toasted in your favourite bread (that’s Helga’s Wholemeal and seed. Delicious!) I cant believe I don’t eat this more often!


Mr lion guards a yummy treat to help me avoid the vending machine at work!


Eggs are packed with protein and quite portable (and a blank canvas! This guy sat like this in the work fridge and got a few laughs. Somene even recognised the art I copied!)


Turns out the boy can cook some darn fancy food! Chicken smothered with basil pesto, wrapped in procutto, baked with a wine sauce and the veg, and garlic sourdough to mop up the sauce.

Having said that he is currently baking baby bok choi under tasty cheese as a side dish for dinner - Good lord! (Assuming its a remnant from his mother’s cooking as she used to put cheese on EVERYTHING to make her sons eat more calcium, and served bread with every meal to ensure they were getting enough fibre. Untraining him is IMPOSSIBLE!)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Playing catch ups

A little behind because I’ve been to a cocktail party, a wedding and have fallen off my clean eating wagon!!


Breakfast: Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal with banana, peanut butter and soy milk.

imageI got the cereal from a friend who visited the US. Kashi is a pretty popular brand, particularly for those who are trying to eat a little healthier, but looking at the ingredients its still a bit of a concoction, and has added sweeteners - at least its all relatively natural. Usually I steer clear of cold cereals due to the added sugar and often empty carbs. But on those mornings when you just can’t stomach something warm or heavy, cereals fits in perfectly. Just have to remember to balance with protein and good fats!


Enjoyed with some fresh flowers!



Lunch: Leftover Bento

This was really delicious! Peanut soba with extra broadbeans, a gyzoa and chicken yakitori. The white nectarine was over ripe and juicy and exactly what I needed as a pick me up at work!








Dinner: The boy’s Macaroni and cheese.

Not at all clean! At least it wasn't too cheesy – most of it was low fat ricotta. He is trying. Also became our breakfast the next day before the wedding.

The wedding was a crazy feast of champagne, delicious but fried nibbles, fresh entre and main interspersed with anecdotes from the family and friends of the gorgeous bride and ecstatic groom, and so much cake!  I don’t drink often, and I never forget anything or have bad hangovers, so I am a little cocky when it comes to drinking. Recently however, the next day has been a challenge – I just feel weak, dizzy, sick, am unproductive and just want to eat-eat-eat! I think my body is really trying to tell me something, and this time I am going to listen!


The Mac cheese was also accompanied by mint lemonade and some magazines. The new Cosmo health. $13 is a little steep for a magazine, but 1. its a special and 2. I get a free medium boost juice, so that’s $5 off the cover price (because I actually buy boost). It also came with a free bootcamp pass, but I don’t live close enough to the locations to get any benefit (so let me know if you want the voucher!) I bought it to read when I feel like eating chocolate – a distraction!

The mint lemonade is something I am trying to develop from Mint Lemonada I had at a Turkish Restaurant. The recipe so far is…

Mint Lemonada

1-2 lemons (depending on size) or about 1/3 c fresh lemon juice (pulp ok too)
1 stevia tablet (or tsp natural sweetener)
2 tsp agave nectar or honey
2 tsp to 1 tbsp mint (or a bunch of fresh mint, preferred)
1/2 c ice
1 c water or soda water

Blend all ingredients. Ignore colour. Delicious!

I think its still missing something. More lemon perhaps? Its meant to be tart and refreshing – a perfect beverage to cut through the powerful flavours of hummus, shish kebab and burek.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back to basics

Finding 12 hour work days very draining, so going to keep my posts about the eats during the week, with minimal rants and blab on the weekends!

Though I will say, clean eating is about 70%-80% at the moment – room for improvement that can be fixed, I think, through good shopping and planning!


Breakfast: Steel cut oats, banana, natural peanut butter, chia and soy milky
A small portion due to physical activity at work


Lunch: Leftover Teriyaki Salmon with broccoli, onion and shallots, brown rice with nori and sesame seeds and a fresh date with frozen raspberry and coconut butter.
In my other bento, used for soups and cereal!


Snack:  Not exact picture, but a cup of this with blueberries and flax seed oil.
Its not the best, but will be doing a review of yogurts soon!


Dinner: Mine and the Boy’s peanut soba (semi clean due to soba noodles being wheat + buckwheat) with chicken yakitori and Coles Vegetable and Prawn Gyoza
Gyoza bought as they are the boy’s fav food (after chocolate). They were mostly “real food” but did have sugar and too much salt – will make my own one day.

Lastly, I have been getting crazy sugar cravings – clean eating is about the food, but its also about the mentality behind it. You need to be really motivated otherwise in a moment of weakness you may let yourself down (which for me is focussing on the short term, rather than long term goals).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rubi Shoes Day!


Images from

imageI used to have an unwritten rule about Rubi Shoes, the footwear offspring of Cotton On: NEVER AGAIN.

After buying THREE pairs of the same killer awesome $20 heels, but the heels breaking/wrong sizes I decided I should just spend $50 on some nice Novo ones. Same same with the flats that looked cute and colourful on the shelf, but cheap and nasty on my feet.  The sizes were also annoying and never accommodated my wide feet in heels, so I stopped shopping there. But recently I’ve been venturing in more often and have been quite delighted!


Last weekend I checked out the sale rack and found these fantastic wedges marked down to $20– and just my size. At the counter they were 50% SCORE. They also give my calves definition, and I get comfortable height!

More about Rubi – pros and cons – below!

Today’s Noms

I actually got up  at 5:30am to attempt to ease myself back into fitness. At my peak I was doing an hour 5-6 days a week (1 cardio, 1 weights, 2 circuits, 1 yoga) but I have barely clocked up a whole hour in the past week! This morning was 30 mins – 10 min run, 10 min brisk walk, 10 min stretches and abs. Its difficult when you come home late, don’t get tired until after “bed-time” but want to get max sleep so you can concentrate on academia and work. But no excuses anymore – it should help me clear my head and get to sleep faster!

But onto the foods!!

Power breakfast!

Breakfast: Muffin and Egg – small but powerful!

Not ideal, but didn’t feel like oats. A “failure” muffin – carrots/bran/chia -  frozen then reheated became doughy and very edible (especially with natural peanut butter). Mini glass of Soy Milky. I also tried to boil an egg, but it came out runny... so I stuck it in the microwave, turned my back and when I came back the egg was gone!


Well... stuck to every wall of the microwave!! I made another… 

Some say egg yolk’s aren’t clean, but they seem pretty natural (and healthy) to  me. Sure, I’ll limit my intake, especially in pies/omelettes, but we don’t have egg beaters in Australia, and it would be such a waste to throw out every yolk!



Hello Elephant!Lunch: Beef n Black Bean and Brown Rice with Nori and sesame seed seasoning 

A co-worker's meat pie made me doubt my bento for a second, but once I digged in, I was happy. Did get hungry early - sugar in the jarred sauce? Peanut M&Ms were dancing in my head all afternoon – should have packed dessert. Drat. And then watermelon mid-afternoon, still CRAVING chocolate. Had a few cups of stevia sweetened tea.

Such messy bowls!Dinner: Teriyaki Salmon

At least the sauce is clean and the Salmon and veggies are fresh (and Australian!). The hokkein noodles, not so much. I like my Salmon skin-on but crispy, so I seared it in the wok, then added the sauce and brought to a boil.

The clean sauce was a marinade I turned into a sauce (see after the jump) Needs some adjusting – wayyy to salty! The boy didn’t finish his portion (extra noodles, mine was extra veg)